Automated Test Suite Developer

We are looking for a Developer of Automated Test Suite in Playwright framework for Java to join the Investment Funds development team (IFS) to support redesign of main Order routing application from legacy GUI to Angular framework.

The application is in production since 2005 and never went through major technical upgrade/redesign until now.

  • The target is Java Spring application deployed into JBoss server with Angular GUI.
  • For persistence layer Oracle database is used.
  • For communication with other systems OAQs or APIs are used.
  • The GUI is developed in Angular (12+) using npm and TypeScript.
  • We use Git, JIRA, Maven and Liquibase to support our SCRUM development and Jenkins, Sonar, JUnit and Cucumber tests in our integration.


Basically, design and development of the new GUI Automated tests for the new Angular screens will be the main challenge for you as well as working in international multilocation environment. 


Requested skills and experience: 

  • Practical experience with the development of tests in Playwright framework for Java
  • Responsibility and reliability to deliver agreed scope in time
  • Practical experience with Java
  • Experience with GUI test framework(s)
  • Experience with Spring framework is an advantage
  • Experience with SQL databases is a plus



  • Allocation: Fulltime (100%)
  • Start: September 2022
  • Duration: a long-term cooperation
  • Location: Prague
  • Onsite vs remote: 50-50